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Majestic Social Media at the Top of Google for the Keyword SEO and Social Media San Diego!


Majestic Social Media Ranks 1.3 in Google for the keyword Social Media and SEO San Diego!

Majestic Social Media at The Top of Google for Social Media and SEO


Social Video Marketing

How to get 1,000 Twitter followers a week for FREE

How to get 1,000 Twitter followers a week for FREE on Auto pilot.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social marketing tools available today. If you have a business, either online or offline, having a Twitter account is a must.
The problem is that unless you are a celebrity who has millions of people just waiting to hear about their next bath room break, you need to get followers to listen to you.

There are tons of tools out there that will get you followers, and most of them come at a cost. I have come across three tools that are totally free and have helped me to get lots of followers.
Those three tools are Google Alerts, Twitter feed and Social Oomph and this is how I use them. First, and probably the most important step is to use Google Alerts to set up feeds to send out from your Twitter account that people will want to read. Choose your keywords and phrases carefully because the more popular the articles that Google Alerts finds for you, the more people that will like what you have to say and want to follow you.
The next step is go out to Twitter feed and tie the alerts that you just created to your Twitter account. You can set up lots of different feeds and have them posted at different intervals during the day. The last thing that I do, is to use Social Oomph to welcome all of my new followers with a special welcome message. I also use it to schedule special messages through out the day.
The last trick that I use is to have multiple Twitter accounts. This allows me to target people with totally different subject matter.

I must give credit where credit is due. First, I need to thank my MLSP mentor for pointing me to these resources and Bob Howard for putting together the tutorials. If you have any questions on how to set up these tools up, follow this link

Marketers get serious about Social Media

Jeremiah Owyang, 01.22.10, 10:20 AM EST

It’s here to stay. Use it to improve your customer relationships


Jeremiah Owyang

We looked back at 2009 to see that, in many cases, companies struggled to keep up with customers using social technologies. With technologies changing every few months, senior marketers must have a plan for social marketing. But first, to understand what to do, they should consider what’s going to happen in this space in 2010.

Social Adoption by Consumers Continues to Grow
It’s impossible to watch a news show on TV or radio without hearing shows extending their experience to Facebook and Twitter. They know that adoption by celebrities, media, newspapers and consumers is happening. Facebook, which boasts more than 350 million users–more than the U.S. population–continues to show global growth.

Yet we shouldn’t look at social networks alone. We’re now seeing social features in gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation, and with adoption of mobile devices, social networks that can be used wherever consumers go. Marketers must consider “what’s next” when they are making their social media plans.

CMOs Will Get Their Companies Organized Around Social Media
For the serious players experimentation time is over. Companies are putting real money behind attention-getting social media campaigns. PepsiCo ( PEPnews people ) has shifted $20 million of its Super Bowl TV ad money social cause marketing in what’s sure to be a much-watched effort. Perhaps companies will learn from Pepsi that social technology is part of every customer touch point.

Likewise, it should be part of every department within a company–not just the corporate communications department. CMOs need to empower the right roles to lead the social marketing efforts. They need to establish “triage” processes so teams can respond instantly to customer tweets, along with policies to protect the company and employees. Because social initiatives often span the customer life cycle from awareness to support, companies should treat launching social initiatives like launching a product. They need to include marketing, product, sales and customer service.

Marketers Will Focus on Customer Goals Rather Than Latest Twitter Strategy
Senior marketers should beware of agencies that approach the table with “Twitter strategies” or “Facebook strategies.” Instead, CMOs should look for agencies that extend their overall customer strategies to the social sphere. Many junior (and senior) marketers have gotten wrapped up in the cool factor of the latest social tool, only to find that within a few months they have to rewrite their plan.