Xbox joins with Facebook and Twitter

I have to admit that when I am not working on social media strategies, surfing the web or looking into social media platforms, I am a fan of the xbox 360. I love sitting with a beer and playing some Halo or even downloading a movie with my friends and just doing nothing. Now as some of you know by now, as of last week Oct 11th. Facebook took over the number 2 spot from yahoo. I myself was thrilled, to see a platform such as facebook take over big bad yahoo, It put a smile on my face.

Well as the title topic points out. I turned on my Xbox and was surfing marketplace and saw that Microsoft is in the beta mode of combining with facebook and twitter and soon will offer both o these platforms on xbox live. You can go onto your xbox live marketplace and check out the cool new option that will soon be available; imagining being able to tweet and stay in contact with your friends on your xbox console. Xbox live also gives you a link to go to on the net and become part of this beta experience. I myself dont have that much time to be involved in this experience, but applaud microsoft for staying innovative and constantly taking advantage of social media technology and recognizing the potential, the influence and marketing capabilities that come with this huge step.

Good job Microsoft!!!


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