Changes in Time and Marketing

Consider how technology has changed the way business owners and corporations market themselves and their products or services. In the 60′s 70′s the 80′s and even into the mid 90′s the methods were the same, Not because we all thought the same, but because of the limitations that we live in always hindered how we could market ourselves and what we wanted to offer the world.

And now we are well into the new century-The age of the internet and the endless possibilities that it offers.  And what astonishes and confuses me is that even though marketing has changed drastically over the years, the way that business owners and corporations market themselves have yet to catch up or even get a hint of the times.

Traditional marketing in some ways is almost like the stone age of man. How can you think of publishing a add in a newspaper especially when you hear on the news or read online(better forms of media in my opinion) that most of them are going bankrupt, or going to online print only. Granted I like to read the newspaper, I am a huge fan of sitting at my table, drinking a coffee and reading the paper.

Handing out flyers on car windshields and door knobs is another form of marketing that costs the business owner more then it brings in. I was at the store the other day and watch a women take the flyer that was on her windshield and throw it on the ground as she got into her car and drove away. We all have to admit that we are guilty of the same infraction.

Those are just some of the thoughts and ways that we as owners have to steer ourselves away from. Traditional marketing still has roots in this economy, but those roots are lessening. The age of information that we live in makes traditional marketing even harder to follow. Honestly ask yourself when was the last time you looked in the yellow pages ( not online) or the newspaper for a business ad or a place to fix your car or a deal going on. I personally sit down and look online for what I want or need.

The technology of today makes it so much easier for people to look up, research and reference a company, corporation, even a person. We as business owners need to recgonize that the times have changed, as well as the power and convience of the internet and learn how this technology can increase our visiblity beyond what traditional marketing can do for us, or even offer and that they fall hand in hand. The increase in online technology not only benefits the worlds markets, but it also makes it easier for individuals to seek out, research and reference a business, its owner-employees and even a person.

We need to think outside of the box. If you need help making this happen, then let business in motion show you how social media marketing can help improve your online visibility, attract new customers and maintan solid customer relations.


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